The Importance of Medical Necessity for Diagnostic Services

 “The1” Platform Solution for Physicians


We provide a unique turn-key solution that integrates compliance and delivery of Assessment and Diagnostic services for your patients. Our smart intake process checks for an established medical necessity, where applicable, allowing you to deliver and administer the right services, for the right patient, at the right time.

There are no upfront costs to get started and no lengthy contracts. There are nominal fees for only the services utilized. For qualifying customers, we offer the convenience of “in office” implementation from our team of medical professionals.  We can provide a full-time product expert MA to manage the technology and work alongside your staff to maximize office efficiency and utilization.

Services provided include: Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Mental Health Testing, Neuro-Cognitive Testing, Urine Toxicology, Blood Wellness, Pharmaco-genetic Testing, Cancer and Carrier Testing, Environmental Allergy- scratch testing and immunotherapy.

·       “The1” provides Preventative Medicine Solutions in accordance with ACA, HIPAA & MACRA

·       Smart intake process triggers eligibility for medical necessity

·       Touch Screen tablet conveniently presents all proper electronic assessments

·       Patient’s samples are routed to our premium network of labs for accurate and timely processing

·       Data is consolidated, delivered, and available for integration to an existing EMR

·       “The1” simplifies patient workflows and maximizes adjudication rates

·       Average sized office can realize a substantial return while delivering better patient care  CONTACT US TODAY!

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