PRODUCTION GLOVES for no money down

Our group of consortiums have and continue to purchase glove production lines from a multitude of factories, all capable of providing logistics for a vast array nitrile gloves by air, fast boat, slow boat or a blend.

This is a turnkey opportunity, fully financed with no money exchanged until product clears U.S. customs to buyer’s airport or seaport of choice.

  • MOQ: 1 million boxes of gloves (100 per box)
  • Incoterms: CIF Any Safe World Airport or Seaport
  • Logistics: Air freight, Fast Boat, Slow Boat or Blend of Air & Sea
  • Delivery schedule: (depending on quantity)
    Air: 7-10 days 5M boxes or less
    Fast Boat: 15-25 days (Long Beach approx. 15 days)
    Slow Boat: 25-35 days
  • Payment options: Buyers Escrow or Letter of Credit
  • Price: Negotiable based on volume; please inquire for quote request
  • Brands: We offer all top tier glove brands and can meet any/all specs requested (Top Glove, V-Glove, Superior and more)


  • Soft Corporate pricing offer provided
  • Buyer (must have Proof of Funds in same name) signs NCNDA
  • Buyer submits PO or LOI with the following information as well as Proof of Funds:
    Production and/or spot ready stock
    Length of term if ongoing orders are desired
    Delivery method (CIF Sea , CIF air, FOB)
    Addressed to supplier (name provided after buyer signs NCNDA)
    Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) with Bank officers contact information or proof of funds via MT799 (POF can be submitted directly to sellers
  • Call scheduled with buyer and seller to confirm acceptance of PO/POF and discuss mutual understanding of terms
  • Seller issues (SPA) draft sale and purchase agreement to buyer’s attorney (A2A call to finalize)
  • SPA executed with ICPO, Letter of Credit issued, or Buyers Escrow agreement finalized
  • Estimated delivery schedule by sea and /or air will be advised provided (along with confirmation of glove brand allocation)
  • Buyers have 24 hours from execution of documents to fund buyers’ escrow \ LC (must be funded with 100% of the purchase value of the goods being immediately shipped)
  • Once the production has concluded and before the order ships from overseas (Malaysia/Vietnam), the buyer will be provided with a fresh SGS report (or 3rd party equivalent) specifying the quantity and quality of the goods (predetermined in the SPA) as well as shipping documents (packing list and air way bill)
  • As soon as the goods arrive at the destination port of buyer’s choice, seller conducts a second SGS report (or 3 rd party equivalent)
  • Buyer has 24 hours to inspect shipment upon domestication
  • Upon validation and approval of the goods by the buyer, 100% of the funds are released by the Escrow/LC to the seller and ow nership (title) of the goods change hands

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