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Jennifer Figueroa

Jenn Figueroa

President & Founder

Jennifer Figueroa is the President and Founder of 1Network; a national sales and marketing management company. 1Network provides access to more than 14,000 highly qualified independent sales professionals and extensive distributor networks.

Jennifer has more than 25 years of healthcare and life sciences entrepreneurial experience and founded her first company Rep Network in 2015. Through Rep Network, Jennifer introduced innovative operational infrastructures, robust Sales Rep education platforms and recruiting practices to the pharmacy, diagnostic testing, plastic surgery and regenerative medicine industries. As CEO of the recruiting and sales management firm, she placed more than 3,000 reps into the marketplace, achieving more than $250M in sales since the company’s inception.

In her drive to ensure successful outcomes for her sales team and clients, Jennifer recognized that her commercialization know-how could help increase her clients’ speed to market and revenue. Her proven experience growing businesses and driving results led to the founding of her second start-up, 1Network. 1Network provide sales management and consulting services to a range of organizations from private equity startups to $300 billion dollar publicly traded companies. She has consulted alongside leadership of Pepsi-Cola, Disney, XPRIZE Foundation, Apple Inc. and former Commissioner of the United States FDA.

A strategic thinker and results-driven executive, Jennifer saw the value she could add across the spectrum of healthcare and life sciences companies, Jennifer founded 1Network to provide sales management and commercialization consulting services to start-ups, medical device, and healthcare companies worldwide.


Managing Partner & VP of Operations

Luis has nearly two decades of experience in Medical Sales and Healthcare, working for a variety of organizations – from Fortune 500 companies to medical start-ups.

He brings a strong background in uncovering and leveraging opportunities, implementing strategies, and developing relationships with key stakeholders that drives organizational growth and success in any field. Luis is a creative thinker, able to spot opportunities and establish rapid growth within new markets. His broad experience also includes organizing large-scale educational events, marketing, and sales in the business to business space.

In his current role, Luis is responsible for financial reporting, operational planning and implementing strategic initiatives on the client-side. He is driven to help 1Network and our clients build and manage nimble, scalable and profitable organizations, by determining the strategies and best practices that are the foundation for ongoing success.



VP of Learning and Multimedia Solutions

Rosemary upholds a unique professional background of project management, higher education teaching and curriculum development for online and hybrid courses, and skilled in instructional design and delivery. Within the 10 years of experience in higher education, Rosemary has developed course content, compliance for quality assurance and integration of technology resources to enhance learning experiences. She has successfully led and managed course development, training development through computer-based modules, training modules, and has developed multimedia resources. She has passion and drive to create engaging learning tools in order to help organizations succeed. Rosemary has accomplished training for Quality Matters, and earned an advanced certificate in Instructional Design and Delivery, M.S. in Organizational Leadership.

Presented in conferences:
Aquino, K. & Osso, R. (2019) Best Practices in Blended Education for Adult Learners, Orlando, FL.

Aquino, K. & Osso, R. (2018) The role of quality assurance. Presented at 21 st Annual Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education, Charlotte, NC.


VP of Business Development

Roberto is a Medical Business Development and Marketing Strategist who partners with clinical experts in the field of medicine driving platform solutions through peers at the executive level and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands founded on integrity and caring commitment towards patient needs. After spending nearly two decades working in sales and business development for leading brands and startups, Roberto knows what truly drives growth, pioneering, and quality care. It is the premise on how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Roberto has spearheaded business ventures and clinical summits at the national and international stage in various medical specialties, including Neurosurgery, Radiotherapy, Orthopedics, and Wellness Solutions. His passionate work has been recognized by many thought leaders in pioneering medical circles such as UCLA Medical, MD Anderson, INNYN – Mexico City, Zeiss Medical, BrainLAB GmbH, and others including various academic communities. Roberto is a forward-thinking business pioneer holding an acute understanding to patient needs and peers.


Director of Human Capital Management

With extensive experience in business services, information technology, personnel management, compliance and staffing, Todd is 1Network’s Human Relations Director. Among other HR matters, he is instrumental in streamlining recruitment processes and implementing technologies to simplify human capital management. He evolves and manages our distributors program and partners with our VP of Talent Acquisition to onboard key positions.

Previously, Todd provided HCM systems expertise and strategic sales guidance for high-volume, high-growth, high-impact employers. He was principally involved in creating the first “paperless new hire” programs for large employers with US operations. He also pioneered innovative IVR- and web-based recruitment solutions, including staffing and sourcing programs in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and field sales services.


VP of Marketing

As 1Network’s VP of Marketing, Julie devises marketing communications strategies, designs and implements campaigns, and provides ongoing marketing support and consultation for our company and for our clients. She works closely with commercialization experts as well as sales teams to ensure teams have the marketing resources needed for success.

Julie is a trusted healthcare marketing leader with over 20 years of experience devising brand and marketing strategy, developing messaging and content as well as implementing communication campaigns. She has helped leading medical device and life science companies, health systems, medical practices, GMOs and innovative health tech start-ups with digital marketing, branding and content strategy, business presentations as well as lead generation and sales conversion initiatives.

In her previous role as VP of Marketing and Client Services for healthcare agency Armada Medical Marketing, she led over 40 program and product launches and produced over 30 award-winning mixed media campaigns. Her efforts exceeded both agency and client objectives for insights, lead generation, sales and market share growth.