Our Services


Sales Management & Channel Distribution

1Network will put “Feet on the Street”, and find you the quickest route to channel success. We provide immediate access to our extensive, nationwide network of sales professionals and distributors with multi-specialty physician relationships. An exclusive recruitment process to precisely identify… read more

Technology & Training Platforms

1Network builds and deploys industry leading technology and training platforms to insure you have the solutions needed for sales and operational success. Whether you are launching a sales team, scaling your salesforce to meet growing demand, or streamlining operational processes… read more

Commercialization Plans

We want to be your turn-key business partner, working with you to implement scalable commercial channel strategies appropriate for speed-to-peak adoption, utilization and revenue production. We offer a full complement of commercialization services… read more

Market Assessments

1Network can provide important market insight in preparation for the launch, expansion or diversification of your product or service. We execute detailed and objective evaluations of existing or new targets and assess the compatibility of your product or service to those markets…read more

Technology Valuation

1Network can help you determine the commercial viability of your product, intellectual property or technology in any lifecycle stage.
We will work with you determine the appropriate valuation method for your organization… read more

Product Distribution Consulting

Streamlining your operations and logistics processes can provide significant cost savings. With our support, you will build the groundwork for moving your product with greater control and efficiency… read more

Upstream & Downstream “Classic” Marketing

1Network’s marketing team will work closely with your organization to develop marketing strategies and tactics that meet your company’s overall business strategy and goals.

We can provide expertise and support in all aspects of marketing… read more

Portfolio Assessment

It’s critical to continually assess whether the strategies you have planned for each product or service is compatible with your organization’s needs, resources and goals. 1Network can evaluate your product or service portfolio to help you make those crucial determinations… read more


Passing your product or service on to a third party can be a complex and lengthy process. With our existing networking capabilities and industry expertise, we can navigate the out-licensing process for you, and insure your products or services are being licensed to the right partner… read more

Medical Affairs

We can bridge the gap for you between product development and commercialization – providing the scientific and clinical expertise necessary to support your commercialization efforts…read more

Market Access Through Buying Networks

Getting your product to the right buyers requires resourcefulness and significant strategic planning. We will work with you to access the right distribution networks, navigate the myriad of options, and determine the appropriate buying entity for your organization…read more

Product Design and Development

We work closely with our clients to make sure they deliver the best possible products to market…read more