Join the Rep Connect Gig Network

How to join Rep Connect’s network of professional sales reps and influencers:

  1. Sign Up
    If you’re a Sales Rep or an influencer, you can help the community while boosting earnings during this pandemic. It’s easy and free to join. Just fill out our quick online application and we will reply back in no time.
  2. Share
    You get a custom link and marketing materials that are easy to share with your audience. Share via email, your own website or any other method you would like to use.
  3. Earn
    Earn up to 10% commission from all qualifying purchases made from our 1Network Marketplace from the audience you refer. Your customers can review product availability and place orders at our online store with a credit card via a secure and simple check-out process!
  4. Support
    You’re not alone! Our support team is here to help you to maximize your earnings. All members are paid commission via direct deposit or PayPal 7 days from the close of each month. Conveniently track all of your referrals and orders on our provided dashboard. Call Us: 516-522-0561 and/or email us:

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