About 1Network

1Network : commercialization and sales management

You can count on our insights and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry – regulatory and compliance, clinical testing, product management, reimbursement strategies and investor relations.

In addition, our extensive community of sales professionals and distributors have relationships with physicians across multiple specialties and across the country. Based on your business goals and budget, we engage, train and manage our network of sales and marketing professionals to rapidly generate market demand and grow revenue.

We also identify and implement technologies to streamline the sales and marketing process; providing mobile access, communication continuity and performance visualization. Sales professionals can use our portal to view and demonstrate training and marketing resources. We also have back-end systems with pre-filled customer data to help mitigate administrative burdens for reps as well as provide transparency on commissions, account status and more.

The 1Network Difference

  • Adding value by reducing your costs for hiring and training internal resources. Our consultative approach allows your business to be nimble, move quickly, adjust business strategies and reap the rewards.
  • Strong focus in the fields of aesthetics, human longevity and women’s health.
  • Decades of collective team expertise and an extensive database of 1099 sales reps, we can recruit, train, create market demand and help you commercialize your products or services to increase speed to market and revenue.