About 1Network

  • 1Network will put “Feet on the Street”, and find you the quickest route to channel success. We provide Immediate access to our extensive, nationwide network of sales professionals and distributors with multi-specialty physician relationships. An exclusive recruitment process to precisely identify and vet candidates to find the right talent, and leverage their professional capital to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

  • 1Network builds and deploys industry-leading technology and training platforms to ensure you have the solutions needed for sales and operational success. Whether you are launching a sales team, scaling your salesforce to meet growing demand, or streamlining operational processes, we can employ the right solutions for your organization.

    A comprehensive training platform to ensure our sales force has the knowledge, tools, and technology needed to hit the ground running! Our training platforms are customized to meet specific client needs. 1Network provides comprehensive training that is built around a complete understanding of each client’s specific product or service, and company culture.

    Our custom training platforms are designed for on-demand access and in-module testing:

    • Selling strategies

    • Product information

    • Industry regulation and compliance

    • In-module testing

    • Custom CRMs to address the unique requirements of each sales organization.

    • Access to content from any PC or smart device

    • Marketing materials

    • Commission Portal

    • Videos

    • Forms and documents

    • Litmos training

    • Salesforce.com

  • We want to be your turn-key business partner, working with you to implement scalable commercial channel strategies appropriate for speed-to-peak adoption, utilization and revenue production. We offer a full complement of commercialization services.

  • 1Network can provide important market insight in preparation for the launch, expansion or diversification of your product or service. We execute detailed and objective evaluations of existing or new targets and assess the compatibility of your product or service to those markets. We analyze market trends, entry barriers, competition, risks, opportunities, environmental forces, and internal factors.

  • 1Network can help you determine the commercial viability of your product, intellectual property or technology in any lifecycle stage. We will work with you determine the appropriate valuation method for your organization.

    Methods That Can be Used for Valuation of Your Technology:

    • Cost Approach

    • Market Approach

    • Income Approach

    • Hybrid Approach

  • Streamlining your operations and logistics processes can provide significant cost savings. With our support, you will build the groundwork for moving your product with greater control and efficiency.

    We perform an initial operational assessment, and from there assist you with vendor qualification, Identification, and evaluation, as well as recommendations and selections of third-party logistics companies.

  • 1Network’s marketing team will work closely with your organization to develop marketing strategies and tactics that meet your company’s overall business strategy and goals.

    We can provide expertise and support in all aspects of marketing, including:

    • Product development process

    • Pricing and forecasting

    • Competitive insights, segmentation & voice of customer research

    • Product management, including regulatory, clinical & payer strategies

    • Marketing plan development

    • Brand strategy, positioning & messaging

    • Content creation & medical writing

    • Traditional & digital advertising

    • Sales recruitment campaigns, sales enablement, internal event planning & sales contest design

    • Smarketing™ & lead generation

    • Public relations & social media

    • Website design & development

    • Interactive presentations & videos

    • Event marketing & management

  • It's critical to continually assess whether the strategies you have planned for each product or service is compatible with your organization’s needs, resources and goals. 1Network can evaluate your product or service portfolio to help you make those crucial determinations creating target product profiles, estimating market potential, ranking products based on financial analysis, and providing commercialization recommendations.

  • Passing your product or service on to a third party can be a complex and lengthy process. With our existing networking capabilities and industry expertise, we can navigate the out-licensing process for you, and ensure your products or services are being licensed to the right partner within the appropriate market while ensuring a shortened “sales” cycle.

    Partner determination method:

    • Identify and prioritize among the most appropriate strategic partners

    • Assess and define the scientific and commercial viability of each potential strategic partner

    • Prioritization process to target the decision-makers within those target organizations who can expedite the out-licensing process.

    • Assist you in structuring a licensing deal

  • We can bridge the gap for you between product development and commercialization - providing the scientific and clinical expertise necessary to support your commercialization efforts.

    We can support you in these critical areas:

    • Communicating scientific evidence

    • Providing market-based strategic input and portfolio management

    • Overseeing the effort to produce data and real-world evidence

  • Getting your product to the right buyers requires resourcefulness and significant strategic planning. We will work with you to access the right distribution networks, navigate the myriad of options, and determine the appropriate buying entity for your organization.

    Buying entities include

    • GPO – Group Purchasing Organization

    • IDN – Integrated Delivery Networks – Centralized Purchasing Groups formed by providers

    • Hospitals, IHNs (Integrated Health Networks), Clinics, Physician Groups

    • ACO – Accountable Care Organizations – Integrated Centers for Care

  • We work closely with our clients to make sure they deliver the best possible products to market.

    • Design-Based Research

    • Concept Generation

    • Engineering

    • Prototyping

    • Testing and Review

1Network : commercialization and sales management

You can count on our insights and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry – regulatory and compliance, clinical testing, product management, reimbursement strategies and investor relations.

In addition, our extensive community of sales professionals and distributors have relationships with physicians across multiple specialties and across the country. Based on your business goals and budget, we engage, train and manage our network of sales and marketing professionals to rapidly generate market demand and grow revenue.

We also identify and implement technologies to streamline the sales and marketing process; providing mobile access, communication continuity and performance visualization. Sales professionals can use our portal to view and demonstrate training and marketing resources. We also have back-end systems with pre-filled customer data to help mitigate administrative burdens for reps as well as provide transparency on commissions, account status and more.

The 1Network Difference

  • Adding value by reducing your costs for hiring and training internal resources. Our consultative approach allows your business to be nimble, move quickly, adjust business strategies and reap the rewards.
  • Strong focus in the fields of aesthetics, human longevity and women’s health.
  • Decades of collective team expertise and an extensive database of 1099 sales reps, we can recruit, train, create market demand and help you commercialize your products or services to increase speed to market and revenue.